Short-term and long-term volunteers are needed both in the USA and in Africa. In the USA they will help in the distribution of relief items to people in precarious situations such as natural disasters and street dwellers. Others will receive training and serve as counselors for foster homes and released prisoners.

In Africa short term volunteers such as doctors, nurses, teachers and missionaries are needed for services both in the cities and, particularly, in remote areas; where there is often total lack of such resources.

Long term volunteers will serve as teachers and counselors in the orphanages, while the missionaries provide discipleship, and residential counseling. Ingatherers International, Inc. will provide credentials for volunteers to do their own fund-raising.



Given the passion of our Lord for the provision of holistic ministry to the needy, we in Ingatherers International, Inc. consider our projects as being very urgent. It was the responsibility of all Old Testament (Deut. 26:12) saints to provide for orphans, widows and the needy. In the New Testament, it was, and still is, the responsibility of the those who are better endowed to help the less endowed and needy. The early church (I Tim. 5:3) took that responsibility very seriously. The Godly attributes of Mercy and Compassion largely define God’s redemptive approach towards mankind. It is because of His mercies and Compassion that we are saved and not consumed. Love, mercy and compassion, therefore, are the very nature of God as further revealed in the character of our Lord Jesus Christ and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Satan’s character is the opposite. He is greedy, wicked and hateful, and has infected the world with those attitudes. We, as children of God, have the mind of Christ and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. We therefore, like our father, have love, mercy and compassion for others. I am calling upon all who have these virtues to join us in Ingatherers International, Inc. in making a difference in the lives of our target groups as outlined in our objects. May God bless you as you payer full consider becoming our partner. Go to the Donate page and put in something. No donation is too small, and none too big.

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