Prisoner Re-entry Initiative (PRI)

Using the tools of Christian discipleship, behavior therapy and other transformational tools such as the Vertical Leap (Al & Hattie Hollingsworth) curriculums, we provide post-trauma counseling, behavior therapy and vocational training for Pre-release and Post-release prisoners. Our objective is to help make their reintegration as smooth and as successful as possible.

Foster Homes

With high rate of divorce in the United States (almost 50% of all marriages either end in divorce or separation) many are the children that are suffering from the violence and traumas of broken homes, and remarriages. These children are often taken away from their parents who are judged unfit to have custody, and given to foster parents who themselves, often lack the training and the tools to provide the children with any substantive care apart from food, clothing, and shelter. Ingatherers International, Inc. has the human resources with the requisite training, skills, and the experience; to not only nurture these children, but also help them acquire the right life-skills and attitudes that would help them succeed in life.


Orphanage projects are mainly in Africa. Ingatherers International, Inc. accepts children between ages 2-15. We put them in facilities where we provide boarding, formal elementary education, as well as vocational training. For those who qualify for entry into tertiary academic institutions, Ingatherers International, Inc. provides scholarships for training. The others are given vocational training.


Orphans who graduate from our vocational training programs will be provided the basic tools required for them to establish their own workshops and become independent.


Orphans who finish vocational training, but who are unable to establish their own workshops will be offered employment in workshops established by the Organization for that purpose.